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Her Name Was Hester

DIRECTOR / Brian C. Campbelll
Documentary | Feature Film

Stacie Marshall moves back to her ancestral farm in Dirt Town Valley, Georgia, USA. She wrestles with the reality of her farm having held enslaved humans and it haunts her. She must find a way to make amends. In this process of reconciliation and filming, she is approached by a New York Times National Food Correspondent, who joins in the documentation of the story and it ends up on the cover of the New York Times July 4, 2021. A story passed down within Mrs. Marshall’s family about an enslaved woman, Hester, who served as a wet nurse to her ancestors and was eventually buried among them prompts Mrs. Marshall to engage in genealogical research and reconciliation efforts with her neighbors. Along the way, with the counsel and collaboration of her neighbors and trusted mentors, Betty and Melvin Mosley, Mrs. Marshall makes a surprising and emotional discovery that will change the community forever.

Creative Editorial - Motion Graphics

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